Thursday, November 5, 2009

- Phew

This morning I went to the Jewish General to get the verdict on my final pathology report - the report that showed how many of the lymph nodes they removed October 20 were positive.

Well, good news! Only one out of the six they removed was positive. This means that from the two they removed on September 15 when I had my bilateral mastectomy, and the six they removed October 20th, only two out of eight were positive.

I have now been referred to a medical oncologist, and I'll be contacted in a week or so for my first appointment with him. I imagine he will recommend chemo as a precaution, to make sure that any random cells floating around my body will be cooked / nuked / blasted / baked / fried / busted.

So I've been waiting for this final pathology report since October 20th, and I thought I was dealing with it fairly well up until a couple of days ago. I wasn't able to sleep well the past two nights and I've been really exhausted. I wasn't aware of the level of stress I'd been under until I heard my surgeon announce this morning that the cancer hadn't spread.

At that point, a certain elephant suddenly fell off of my shoulders, and it was only then that I realized how difficult these past 16 days of waiting have been. But that's all part of this experience!

Now, if I can just catch up on my sleep....I think I'll go and do that right now, so this is a short blog tonight.

See you soon....


  1. It's been 19 years, but I still remember very well that wait for the prognosis. Up to that point you feel like you're in free-fall and you don't know where you will land. I'm so glad you've landed in a good place. Now go ahead and nuke those C cells. "Take that, suckers"

  2. Wendy, I am so glad to hear your good news. As always i so admire your spirit.