Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yes, It's Me! Whee! Napanee!!

Well, by now you are all probably thinking on a fairly regular basis that I've been abducted by aliens because I am only blogging once every ten or eleven years or so, but I assure you that I have NOT been abducted by any such aliens. 

I am, in fact, alive & well, free from any & all encumbrances & am doing just peachy, thank you very much. But thank you for being so concerned! 

It's actually a good sign that I'm not blogging, you see, because I'm so BUSY!! I've been traveling here & there & everywhere. At the beginning of June, I was off to Toronto, with a delightful little pit stop at my friends' place in Picton. 

Then, I did two or three gigs in the Toronto area, which is always fun! I did a small show for a wonderful bunch of ladies in Pickering, at a beautiful place down by the water. The name of the place is Hy-Tea. The owner's name is HYacinthe & she serves all kinds of specialty teas, so she calls it Hy-Tea. Get it? High Tea? Hahaha!!

I went to a concert with a friend later on that week, and I visited my cousin Jeannie, her hubby & her cutie-pie daughters. So that was neat.

And then, on the way home, I dropped in on Napanee, Ontario. I've been wanting to visit Napanee for quite awhile cuz I like Avril Lavigne & I like her music. Well, some of her music. She's Canadian, eh? And she's from Napanee!

Well, anyways, I had watched this documentary on Avril a few years ago, and there was this whole bit about how crazy Avril is about pizza. She has a fave pizza restaurant in Napanee & there are lots of pics of her at this restaurant, and they've even named a pizza after her there! 

There was a pic of her & the owner, and I said to myself, "Self, you should go to Napanee, find that restaurant & get a picture of you with that same pizza restaurant owner!" So that's just what I did! Okay, first, here's the sign for Napanee:

And here's the pic of Avril & the pizza store owner:

And here's the pic of ME with the very same pizza restaurant owner!!

Do you realize what this MEANS?!?!? It means that Avril & I are practically, like, FRIENDS!!! I mean, we've had our pictures taken with the very same man! How cool is THAT!?!? It's like the whole "six degrees of separation" thingy! (er, if you don't know what that means, go to Wikipedia and they'll explain it).
I guess I should have asked the Pizza Restaurant Guy what his name was, eh? Oh, well, he's Greek, so let's just call him Nick. Here's a pic of one of his pizza restaurant windows:

 Well, I spent several hours in Napanee chatting with the local shop owners, walking around Main Street or whatever it's called, and checking out the gift shops. It was fun!

Apparently, Avril comes back to Napanee unannounced every once in awhile to meet up with her Canadian pals. Good for you, Avril! Don't forget about us up here in the cold, frozen north! She probably has a couple of mansions in LA with swimming pools & doesn't have to worry about frostbite or blizzards (except the ones from Dairy Queen) or snow tires. 

Good on ya, Avril! Save a mansion for me. I'm gonna be famous any day, now....I can feel it in my bones (or is it osteoporosis? Not sure which....)

So that's my big news, folks...I went to Napanee & lived to tell about it. Hope you are all having equally exciting adventures as you laze around this summer. I am gearing up for my big tour that starts this September....would you like to see the lineup so far?

Joy in the Journey Tour 2011 with Wendy Farha:
September 15 - Burlington
September 16 - Hamilton
September 18 - Tillsonburg
September 23-27 - Timmins
September 30 - North Bay
October 1 - North Bay
October 3 - Sudbury
October 5 - Sudbury (to be confirmed)
October 13 - Peterborough
October 15 - Ottawa


All tour details are here: http://www.wendy.ca/content/view/52/71/

Goodness, where will I find the energy? Actually, it just seems to come when it's needed, so no worries. There are spots in the tour where I can rest up.

Well, I must be off to bed. Nite nite!

Love, Wendy (and Timmy, of course)