Monday, October 5, 2009

- Zzzzz (JK Wedding Entrance Dance)

Well, I've been running around too much, I guess, and it finally caught up with me. My life as of a few days ago consists of sleeping, eating, and sleeping, in that order. My body decided it didn't like getting out, meeting people, going to various activities, and driving my standard shift car, so it's gone on strike.  Oh, well . . . it was nice while it lasted. This feels more like real recuperation, I guess. Zzzz. Stay tuned.

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Here's a video that just makes me smile every time. It's so cool to see people celebrating a wonderful occasion with such a fun, goofy display of joy (especially when the bride comes down the aisle!)


  1. Oh Wedy, the boys and I watched this twice, it made us smile! I may just have to link to it on Facebook to share the joy :)

  2. Rachel says...

    Hi Wendy! It's nice to meet you. I have your blog entered in my Google Reader so I can stop by often! I'm sorry to hear about your cancer. What a terrible thing, but it sounds like you're doing great, so thank God!!

    Please keep in touch and I'll do the same! By the way, this dancing wedding video - I've seen it before and I tell you, it made me cry!!! They all looked so happy and I bet that was such a wonderful day for that bride and groom! What a memory!