Monday, October 26, 2009

- "How This Blog Is Done" by Timmy

Hiya - Wendy, here. So aren't you lucky? There are TWO Blog Postings today! This is just a fun one.

The real one is a page back - to see it, click here:

So Timmy (my cat) has been wanting to get more air time, so to speak. He's informed me that since he considers himself an integral part of the planning of this blog, he'd like to tell his own story, using pictures.

I'll get out of the way, now, and let him, I mean, speak. See you soon!

"Yup, it's me, Timmy.
Okay, so our day starts early - around 9 am or so."

"Wake UP!!!"

"She writes out some ideas on paper.
If I don't like 'em, I scrunch 'em up."

"We have a Blog Planning Production Meeting.
I'm in charge of that."

"Mom gets started by typing out a rough draft of the Blog.
I do the spellcheck."

"DRAT - doorbell! One of many interruptions."

"Second draft."

"Yessss - after-lunch siesta!"

"I handle all incoming phonecalls."

"This one's for her (again)."

"Sometimes she gets writer's block. Or gets discouraged.
This is also my department."

"I keep telling her to DRINK! She needs fluids."

"She tries to use the excuse that she can't open the bottle, so of course, I have to do that, too."

"Third revision. Bor-r-r-r-ing!"

"FOURTH and final revision."

"Some stretching exercises while she finishes up....."

"....and we're done!"

"Now you know who's REALLY behind this blog."

"Bedtime soon. Good night!
(Keep coming back to read this Blog - it makes her feel good)"

- Timmy


  1. Too darn adorable!!!!! Love the white paws
    Lizzie xoxoxxo

  2. Love the Timmy blog!!!!


  3. Oh Wendy. You never cease to amaze me. I enjoy so much reading your blogs. You always make me laugh and help me to see the lighter side of life. Timmy is just too cute for words. It makes me miss having a cat around here. I guess my little Oscar (thats my pug dog) will have to do. He has been by my side through all of my cancer journey and the very day that I recieved the news of my diagnosis, he knew something was wrong. Animals are very intuitive. Aren't they the greatest. Keep writing and sharing your humor with us all. God bless.

    Wendy G.

  4. Dear Timmy:

    Sounds like you have very busy days taking care of your Mom. I hope you don't get sick, too, with the long hours you put in.

    Love, Angel McKinnon (Peggy's daughter)

  5. Dear Angel, ya, it's hard & no pay. I won't get sick cuz I'm a cat & I don't eat chocolate like Mom does. She eats WAY too much & I think that's why she's sick (but I'm not 100% sure).

    Thank you for writing us, Angel!

    Love, Timmy