Saturday, December 19, 2009

- Timmy Prepares For His Screen Debut

Oh, dear, it's going to his head already. He's asking to go to the groomer the day before the film crew arrives. He wants to become a member of ACTRA. He's asked me to do several head shots of him for his "pawfolio". He's acting temperamental. What's a mother to do???
My PAWFOLIO   by Timmy

Hi everybody. Well, as you've probably heard by now, I'm gonna be in my OWN movie this week. Okay, it's not really a movie...but almost!. CTV is gonna come to my house and do a news story about ME! ME, ME, ME!! So I'm preparing a Pawfolio for all the important TV people, just in case....

Ok, here's my first's my Marlene Dietrich pose:

....and here's my gopher impersonation....good, eh?

(I figure they want to see depth of character if they're going to cast me in a movie like Mom.)

Ok, next is my George Clooney look:

And to show my funny side: a particular favorite of mine, Mr. Groucho Marx (I saw him on TV one afternoon, but he was borned a LONG time before I was!!)


Okay, and this is my moody / broody look....
.....gazing out the window wistfully....

SO??? Whaddya think? Huh? Huh? 

I have LOTS more photos where these came from! (I just have to ask Mom for help putting them on this crazy computer...)

Well,'s my sleepy look:

I'm tired. GOOD NIGHT!!!!

(PS: He-e-elp!! Signed, Timmy's Mom)


  1. I think you'll do great, Timmy. No need to worry.


  2. I love it - especially the Grouch Marx one!!!!! Too funny.


  3. These pics are soooo funny! Timmy is giving many some tough competition. My fave is the Marlene Dietrich's bang up.

    Catching up on past blogs I can see you've indeed been on a journey of adventures. Glad to see the inflammation is down and you're feeling better...


  4. Wendy!

    You groove as a Blog Queen. I truly love your creativity. You are special!!!

    See you tomorrow,