Saturday, December 12, 2009

- Kerplunk, Kerplop (Blessed Be Your Name)

Hello everyone, as you can see, my blogs are getting more and more sporadic as my cancer journey progresses. This week was tougher with complications here and there. As I said in my Wednesday posting, I had the Port-A-Cath installed Tuesday morning, which was painful and uncomfortable. I actually had a few weepy moments on the operating table, which continued in Recovery.

Wednesday night, the day after the Port-A-Cath installation, my temp went up to 100.5, so Thursday afternoon I dropped by the hospital for a blood test to make sure there was no infection. They tried to draw the blood sample from of the port, which is the whole idea for having it installed in the first place, but it didn't work. They had to resort to using one of my poor little veins.

An hour later, the nurse tried again, and it was just so sore that I started crying. Poop. So I came home Thursday wiped. Pain is so draining on the body and on the emotions. And yesterday, I basically lay around on the couch all day trying to recuperate from the week. Boo hoo, poor me.

Last night, my ankles started hurting so it was difficult to walk. What's up with that? Then, when I went to bed, I couldn't get warm, so I put a heating pad on my legs. When I got up to go to the bathroom, there was a bright red rash all over my legs! Blimey! And today, my wrists and my ankles are hurting, as if I have arthritis. Sigh.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Wednesday, my hair started falling out, which is the reason for today's title "Kerplunk, Kerplop". Kerplunk kerplop is the noise a Drama Queen's hair makes as it hits the floor. It is a very loud sound, because a Drama Queen wants everybody to know that her hair is falling out and wants them to feel sorry for her.

Which raises the question: is a guy who wants to be dramatic a Drama King? If you called him a Drama Queen, that would have such a different connotation, wouldn't it? But I digress.

Yeah, so it was pretty gross, seeing my hair falling out everywhere, and I couldn't sleep last night, so around 3 am, I got up and took the kitchen scissors, sat in the living room, and cut it all off. I figured it would be easier if I wasn't looking in the mirror, so I cut by feel. Then, when I looked in the mirror, I didn't think it looked all that bad. So I didn't cry, as I had kinda thought I would.

Man, my Palm Pilot camera really makes my nose look big! Or is my nose actually very big? Hmm...not sure. Anyways, I will get my head shaved soon, now, because now there are short little hairs falling out everywhere, which is better than longer hairs, but is still gross. So stay tuned, as they say.

Hope I'm not depressing you guys too much....

Here's Timmy, standing on a table where he's not supposed to be. I think I can hear him thinking, "If I stand really still, she may think I'm a statue."

Here's a beautiful song by Matt Redman, "Blessed Be Your Name". Hope you like it.

Ta ta for now,

Love, Wendy


  1. I love that song. Timmy is so cute. I feel sorry for you. I hate that you have pain and have to get yucky stuff happen like poking and hospital visits too.
    I hope you know that I, and I am sure many others, truly care for you and if we could we would take it away.
    I hope you rest, honey.

  2. Hi Wendy, Hopefully you are sleeping like a baby now:)I am so glad you liked the post..Already comments are filtering through on the site and by email passing along well wishes to you :)However,I will not take your time with all the drama :)
    I hope you have a good day tomorrow.
    hugs carl

  3. Wishing you good luck with your second round of chemo tomorrow. Be strong and rest well. Listen to your body. I was so happy to see you at church this a.m. and your new wig looks amazing on you. Just remember how healthy and beautiful all your new hair will be when it comes back in. We won't only have the same name then but we might even have the same curly hair to match. Blessings to you Wendy. We all will be praying for you and thinking of you tomorrow. God is with you. Lots of love, Wendy G. xoxo

  4. Oh Wendy, I am sorry you have not been feeling well this week - it will get better, I am certain. You look wonderful with your short short hair.

    I am thinking of you big time!


  5. This is so're such an inspiration...I love your attitude...we can all learn from you, my dear!