Wednesday, December 16, 2009

- A Day In the Life Of a Film Crew

Film Shoot - Monday, December 14/09 
Jewish General Hospital

Harriet, the Bloods-Lady-Receptionist-Person. She always tells me how wonderful I look. She tells me this before they take my bloods.

Marie-Helene! You do sound! Whaddya doing with the camera?!?!?!?

With this rare case of small vessel vasculitis, I was in a wheelchair all day nursing swollen ankles. I'm fine now that I'm on peformance-enhancing out, here I come!!! (Like the wig?)

Well, at least Beata is smiling. She's Liliana's Personal Assistant. There's Zac, Camera Guy - oops, I think he's smiling, too! and Marie-Helene, Sound Dudette.

Yep, Palm Pilots are addictive. That's why they call 'em "Crackberries"! But a girl's gotta get her emails! (okay, maybe not every 7 minutes....,)

Yeah, sure - easy for you guys to ham it up while I'm getting yet another ultrasound...


So December 14th was supposed to be Chemo 2 Day, but the viral infection I have meant we wait a week and try again Monday, December 21.

Meantime, the Prednisone they prescribed is working wonderfully! No joint pain, so I was out and about all day. Been awake since noon yesterday, though, and it's now midnight.  

Now I know how these athletes jump tall buildings in single bounds!!!



"Remember, Mom - no veggies, no dessert. Now EAT!!! I mean it!!!"


  1. I love the wig! You look great.

  2. I love your new look with the wig!


  3. Hi Wendy,

    Really enjoy following your journey and am so inspired by your wit and emotional stability. I admire your will and courage. Have a happy holiday season with family.