Wednesday, January 20, 2010

- Home Invasion! (Michael Buble)

Oh, don't panic - it's not that kind of home invasion - it was . . . Liliana and her Film Crew! Eeek!! They came! They invaded our house with their stuff! They took over! Devastation! It was a madhouse! Equipment everywhere! Squished into every nook and cranny! It was chaos!  Such fun!

They were in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom . . . okay, they used the bathroom but they didn't actually take it over . . . but they did take over the den . . .

Good grief, how much equipment does any one crew need? Lights, cameras, boom mic, stands, gig bags . . . it doesn't seem like that much stuff when we're somewhere else, but when they invade your home . . . well, that's another matter.

Of course, Timmy was absolutely terrified. He came from the bedroom, saw them, and raced for the back gallery where he hid for, like, five hours. He was beside himself. It was the CTV affair all over again, but far worse. 

This crew stayed most of the day. They ate, they drank, they filmed; then they had a wild party and trashed the place afterward like Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones, leaving beer bottles and Johnny Walkers all over the living room. Oops, there's my Drama Queen tendencies surfacing again . . .

Liliana was hoping to film Timmy a bit but there's no way that was going to happen. So we did some general scenes, like me doing my blog . . .

. . . and looking through my photo album whilst curled up beside the fake fireplace . . .

. . . and other exciting stuff like that.

My pal Angie came over because Liliana thought it would be fun if I had a friend here; someone I could do a comedy routine for, so she and I had a chat at the kitchen table and I did some impersonations for her, like my old-lady-in-a-chemo-turban routine:

. . . and my little kid routine . . .

So thanks, Angie, for coming over and helping us out with the shoot!

Well, the after-effects of Chemo #2 that I told you I experienced last weekend wore off by Monday afternoon, so that was good. My head cleared and I felt normal again. The past two days, I wouldn't even know I was on chemo. Yay!

Today I also I spoke to my cutie-pie Oncologist Dr. Cohen (who hates the very thought of being on film and hid from the film crew last time they were at the hospital - well, he didn't exactly hide, but anyways...) on the phone, and apparently my bone scan was normal.

There is a spot on the spine, but they'll just watch it to make sure it doesn't grow. It's probably just a shadow or a mysterious Sci-Fi creature living inside my back or something - nothing to worry about.

It's been so busy lately that I realize I haven't written anything terribly deep here on my bloggy-blog for quite some time, so I'm going to have to put my pretty little head to work and come up with something profound before you all get bored and find someone else's blog to follow.

Wouldn't that be a tragedy if I was sitting here blogging to absolutely no-one? How pathetic would that be???

Anyways, until I think of something deep to say, why don't you watch this video by Superman Michael Buble - HE'S CANADIAN, YOU KNOW!!! HA!!!

And have a wonderful evening and a super-duper rest-of-the-week!

We love you, Michael!! You rock, Mr. Canadian-Singer-Person!!!

Love to you all,



  1. You always have some thing funny to say to make your readers laugh and/or smile.

    Keep writing it's refreshing...

  2. Don't worry. I won't stop reading, no matter what you write. I just love reading your blog.

  3. You don't have to have anything of real depth to say and Michael Buble is from Vancouverr - Yay!


  4. Hey Wendy,

    Thank you for your awesome blog! I really enjoy reading it, and learning from you. No no, no pressure at all! :-) Just you being you.


  5. I think there's a little more room for just a tad more chaos, or better yet, Brahms!! He sounded hilarious! But, don't worry Wendy, Brahms could start with a walk-on, and I'm sure he's not nearly as funny as you are-LOL!!! You are the Queen :-))))


  6. Hi Wendy,

    Enjoy your blogs! And I am thinking of you!
    What intrigues me is where do you find the energy for all this - on a chemo treatment schedule??? You blow me away!

    Really want to do "tea" with you, so perhaps on one of your less crazy days, we can get together. Your courage and humour are inspiring.

    Lots of love,


  7. Thanks for inviting me.....I had a geat time and quite a few laughs......I am soooo glad the bone scan came out clear except for the spot on your spine..."Oh, you'll be fine", I really do think it will be's the positive outlook you have...that does wonders for a person's body and soul......See you soon......

  8. So happy to hear you are feeling so well. This gives your body a chance to get ready for the next round of chemo. I too, will always follow your blog. I love hearing how you are doing and what you are up to. You always give us all a good laugh and keep us all inspired by your courage, positive outlook and your humor of course. Cheers to you and blessings. Looking forward to our Women's Retreat. Counting down the days. I'm sure we'll all have some fond memories to take home with us. xo

  9. Wendy, glad everything checked out except for the continue to amaze just about EVERYBODY!!!


  10. Hi Wendy,

    Your having the time of your life, and rightfully so. You bring such energy and realism to everything you do. It seems that your "Production Company" just loves to be around you. Laughs don't come so easily for some of us. Wendy brings it on for all to see.

    I am truly pleased that your chemo went well with no underlying problems. I guess when you have tasks at hand you forget where you've been.

    Michael Buble, my daughter's favourite also. She just purchased his latest CD.

    All the best, Hi Timmy, sweetie


  11. Always enjoy the read Wendy! You are having a very interesting time. Thanks for the tune.

  12. Re the CTV clip:

    I wept - I know exactly what you're talking about - I was diagnosed with melanoma and told 5-to 9 years depending on whether or not it may be in my lymph nodes and that dream like state of disbelief and being forced into the NOW - ya I relived it - wept.

    You know though, Wendy, I was dead before - unconscious I'm living life now, and for a while I was consumed by the diagnosis and cancer had me was all I thought about...then while crossing the street, I was nearly hit by a car because I wasn't paying attention.

    That was when I realized cancer wasn't so TOUGH - a car could have taken me before *it* would have and the tide I know I am bulletproof until my LORD GOD is done with me. ♥


  13. Absolutely LOVE the Michael Bublé video! Just for those wonderful links you add, I won't stop reading your blog! LOL! Just kidding! (Uhhhh... that is, about why I won't stop reading it, 'cause of course I won't stop!)


  14. You always surprise and amaze me. I love days with you, Wendy, and it is so wonderful to have you in my film!