Friday, September 4, 2009

- Back to Earth (Nick Vujicic)

Hmm . . . so I guess we all come back down to earth eventually; wake up and smell the coffee . . . however you want to say it. The past two or three days weren't the greatest. Many tears.

Ironically, it was other "life stuff" that got me crying and being more emotional rather than the cancer itself . . . things that pop up and threaten to steal our joy, rob us of our peace, and generally just tick us off so much that we find it difficult to focus properly and cause us to feel as though we are living under a cloud.

For one thing, my Bible was packed somewhere and I hadn't been able to locate it . . . not that I was looking incredibly hard, unfortunately. Lots of people were emailing and calling to offer their support, empathy and encouragement, and I felt like I didn't really need to read or foster that intimacy with God.

After a few days, though, I finally realized I was drifting spiritually and needed to get back to Him; begin drawing from His strength again and hearing from Him before I found myself shipwrecked.

We humans are so fickle yet predictable . . . when things are tough; when we can't find enough peace to just roll over and go to sleep at night; when our lives feel so out of control, we think we're going to lose our sanity . . . there He is: good ol' God, waiting for us right where we left Him, available to hear our prayers and our complaints; there to comfort us; there to be God to us again as He always is and to provide the solace and strength we need in times of trouble.

. . . and when things are good again, it's just so tempting to brush past Him and get on with the day . . . there's no "felt need", and we're busy, and other priorities are screaming at us at the top of the "To Do" list, waiting to get done.

He's got a lot of grace, God does, that He watches us bump Him 'way down to the bottom of our priorities list, and that He doesn't say 'boo' when we jump back into His arms at the first sign of trouble . . .

Well, I'm about to jump into His arms again, and it's going to be a good place to be. Maybe this time, I'll stay a bit longer than I usually do.

And just when you think you've got it bad, there's always someone like Nick Vujicic to make you stop and think again:

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