Wednesday, June 2, 2010

- I'm Going Batty

Wow, it's like you and I are long-lost friends! It's been more than two weeks since my last posting here on Adventures With Wendy because my Drama Queen life has been so terribly busy. I have had so many Very Important Things To Do, which has kept me away from chatting here with all of you.

Well, my first piece of news is that Timmy the Cat had a marvellous time two or three weeks ago. We live fairly close to the water (we're near the St. Lawrence River) and there are always bats hanging out down by the water. 

Occasionally, the odd one will meander up the street and hang around the homes of unsuspecting residents. How exciting is THAT?!?!?

At night, when they see an open door to a residence, they can fly in quietly so that you don't know they've followed you indoors, and then - SURPRISE!! You're sitting on your couch, minding your own business, and suddenly you see a black blur swooping around your ceiling. It's just positively gross, I tell my books, anyways, bats are disgusting.

So imagine our delight when we discovered one flying around our living room late one night! But what makes this story truly compelling was Timmy's reaction to the whole thing. He was fascinated! He was intrigued! He had never seen a bat before in all of his young life. And he decided that just because the bat was flying high up near the ceiling was no reason not to go after it. 

So, he went into pounce / attack mode, and sure enough, when the unsuspecting bat swooped down, Timmy was able to meet him halfway by leaping into the air and actually bringing him down to the ground with his furry little paws.

The bat started squealing, which sounded pretty pathetic, but we didn't feel much sympathy because after all, it's a bat, right? They're creepy & scary & ugly & I don't want one for a pet. Ewww!!!

When we came into the den where Timmy the Cat had cornered Bobby the Bat, Timmy got distracted & loosened his grip, and off flew Bobby again. He was eventually cornered & captured (Bobby the Bat was captured, not Timmy the Cat), and life returned to normal.

Until 4 am. when I awoke to that same desperate squeal of protest, but this time it was on the floor beside the bed, inches away from where I was sleeping. Double ewww!! Timmy the Cat had captured Bobby the Bat's brother, Billy the Bat, who was trapped under Timmy the Cat's furry little paws.

What are the odds?!? TWO bats in one night had flown into our home!  A virtual bat hotel! We should charge rent! So Billy the Bat was promptly captured & expelled into the night & Timmy the Cat won his well deserved title of Bat Catcher. He's so awesome. 

Here's Timmy the Bat Catcher replaying the scenes in his head & feeling a little sad that he has no bats to play with or catch, now.

Well done, Timmy! You keep on catching those rodents for Mommy. Good boy! xox

In other news, Dr. Cohen, my sweetie-pie Oncologist, decided a couple of weeks ago that we definitely won't be adding on the last two rounds of AC chemo that I missed back in January. Due to the severe reaction of vasculitis on my legs I experienced with the first two rounds, he just doesn't want to risk doing any other unseen damage to my body. 

That was my decision way back in February, so I'm just as happy to say goodbye to that phase of my life. All of which means . . . I'm DONE with chemo! Yay! I did my last Taxol/Herceptin treatment on May 10, 2010. Now all that's left is 6 more months of Herceptin by itself (administered by IV) every 3 weeks for around 1 hour. There will be no noticeable side effects from Herceptin, plus my hair has already started to grow again & Herceptin doesn't mess with that.

And radiation. Radiation will start sometime in July, every weekday for 28 sessions - 5 1/2 weeks. Other than some burning of the skin where they'll radiate, there are no serious side effects. Some people feel fatigue & some don't. So hopefully I'll be one of the ones who has no fatigue . . . 'cause I'm tired of being tired!

I saw a plastic surgeon last month & he'll do some surgery on my mastectomy scar to make the whole thing a bit neater. Without going into *too* much detail, he'll take away some of the saggy skin so that it's a bit more esthetic. So that surgery will happen when the Herceptin treatments are over - probably around December 2010 or January 2011.

And in other news . . .

My Concert Of Hope is this weekend! It'll be so fun! We've had lots of publicity, which is great! Last Friday afternoon, I was on CJAD 800 AM, our local English-language radio station - Dan Laxer invited me to be a guest on his show, Laxer Live. 

Dan is a real kick! He & I had a great time together & the time just zipped by so fast! We laughed & joked, and I plugged our fund raising concert. I played a verse & chorus from my new song "Love Laid Ahold Upon Me". 

It's always fun to play live! You never know what will happen. But my voice didn't crack & I didn't burp or anything, so I guess I did okay. Then the next morning, I was a guest on another radio show, CJLO AM 1690, with Orlando Newton.  I sang live there, too! So it's been a very busy week indeed!

So if you're in the Montreal area, please come on out to the concert & support the West Island Relay For Life! I'll have 4 other musicians with me . . . we were rehearsing Monday night & if I may say so myself, we sound pretty awesome together! Cello, percussion, whistle, recorder, guitars . . . whoo hoo!

If you'd like to order tickets to Concert Of Hope in advance, by PayPal or by credit card, you can always go to my website here:

Well, that's all from me! Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week!

Oh, and speaking of bats . . .


  1. I love your Bat story!!!!
    Timmy is such a cool cat.

  2. Wow I'd be terrified if 2 bats were in my place. I wouldn't have the courage to sit around and watch my cat go after a bat but only if he was to get him away then I'm ok with it but he stayed there ? and to wake up with one beside you ? eeeeeeeek wow...

    There are bats in our area too every time the kids come in they tell me a bat story.. one flew over Vicki's head when on a friend's balcony but her friend's father tapped her on the head and she screamed... he was teasing her... imagine the fright she had.

  3. It was so good to have your Adventures back again! Not so good to hear about the bats - yuck! You and Timmy are a great team! Wish I lived in Quebec so I could go to your concert. Keep your chins up and God bless!

  4. Great story, had a similar experience when a bird flew into our place a few years ago. Our cats (and their father) had one hell of an adventure.
    Dan Laxer took the Joey Elias Comedy Course when i did. Great guy, terrific broadcaster and very funny

  5. Your cat is amazing however bats eat bugs - lots of bugs, so I kind of don't mind them being around - but I guess they do more good outside.

  6. I'll take the bugs any day!!! Ha!

  7. never seen a bat in my life and dont want to lol. glad to see you are getting better ,xx

  8. Hi Wendy I'm back since late friday night along with a broncho/pneumonia, so I had lot's of time to read your crazy story and three cheers for Timmy for his fearless adventure with batman! happy about your personal news also. A huge hug from me. Rosey.

  9. Hi Wendy,
    I found you on Facebook. Wish you were closer. I'd love to come to your concert this weekend.

    About bats: One of the world's largest bat caves is not farm from my house. You were a lot calmer about bats that I would have been. Did you know a high percentage of bats have rabies? Yikes!! Glad you and Timmy escaped without harm. I had one fly through my hair. Ooohhh!!!

    I'll be routing you on through radiation.
    Brenda Coffee

  10. Oh, how positively disgusting - I knew some of them could have rabies but I didn't know it was a high percentage of them...sheesh! That's why we're kinda afraid of them.

    When I was in Grenada, West Indies in 1990, we were in a church service one night & there were literally "bats in the rafters". One flew down while we were singing & I felt him brush against my hair....GROSS!!!

    Thanks for becoming one of my bloggy-blog members, Brenda. :) Did you realize that if a girl with the last name of Black married your son & decided to hyphenate her last name, she'd be Mrs. Black-Coffee? Haha!

    Small things amuse small minds, I guess.... ;)