Monday, May 3, 2010

- My Life With Mom, by Timmy

Ya, so Mom lets me eat all the same stuff she does - she says it makes her feel less guilty if I'm eating it, too. Here I am helping her eat ice cream.

The lid has some really good leftovers . . .

And here we are, sharing a Smoothie. 
Strawberry with vanilla yogourt! Mmmm!!

Here I am, checking to see how I look. 
Mom says I'm cute. I agree.

Helping Mom write songs. She can't do it without me. Okay, what rhymes with "Timmy"?

Okay, everybody guess what's under here?

Surprise!!! Bet you didn't guess it was ME! Ha ha
Now go away and let me SLEEP!

They think it's easy for me to be around food when I'm not allowed to jump on the kitchen table. (I do it anyways when they're not looking, like at night when they're asleep. . .)

Yup, very funny. Tempting me like this is very funny. . .

Okay, one more - here I am with Mom outside, enjoying the sun. She's sound asleep and I'm pretending I'm a guard dog . . . GRRRRR!!! If you touch my mom, I'll . . . I'll . . . I'll do something REALLY SCARY!!! Like hiss at you!!! So there.

Anyways, that's my life with Mom. I guess it's not so bad. She's pretty cool . . . when she's awake. High Five, Mom!

Love, Timmy


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  1. I'm not a cat lover but these pictures are really cute. Pets sure keep a person company. I like Timmy, and the comments are so appropriate. This is a cat with personality.

  2. Oh, he sure is a cat with personality! He's such a goof. As we were walking by his cage at the shelter (SPCA) in November 2008, we stopped to admire him and he extended his little, white-tipped paw through the bars to us.

    That was it. We were smitten and Timmy was adopted. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed reading this, especially since you're not a cat lover! xox

  3. The pictures combined with comments really take on a life that before too long has me believing Timmy is really talking to me. I can't believe I fall for it. He's adorable!


  4. Love it! Timmy is the best. I'm so glad he shares his life with us. We know you are in good hands with Timmy around you Wendy. I just dropped my little "Izzy" off at the animal hospital this morning. She is going to join us ladies in early menopause. Poor thing! She's so little. I'm happy to hear that you are resting lots. I know how tiring all this can be and radiation will do the same to your body. Just keep resting when your body tells you to. I miss seeing your smiling face. When you feel up to it, let's do lunch again. Blessings to you. xo

  5. Timmy is a handsome fellow, very distinguished with those stripes and white socks.
    Reminds me of the statement that cats don't have owners, they have household staff.
    (I have Tiger Tim and Merry here to remind me of that every day!)
    Hope you're feeling better soon,

  6. As they say, dogs observe that you feed them, you play with them, you pet them, you take care of their every need, and they decide you must be God.

    Cats observe that you feed them, you play with them, you pet them, you take care of their every need, and they decide...THEY must be God!

  7. Hi Wendy.
    I am more of a dog person of course but your Timmy is adorable!!!!
    I love him.
    Keep "the sotry of his life" coming.